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Viva Fiesta! A Celebration of Lifelong Learning

ACHE South Concurrent Sessions Schedule

Monday, April 18, 2011 – 2:30 – 3:15 p.m. - 4 Sessions

La Pura Vida, “The Pure Life” in Costa Rica: Study Abroad for Working Adult Students

Name: Sue Currey, Ph.D.
Institution: St. Edwards University

Presider: Christy Buckles
Institution: East Tennessee State University

One of the university’s priorities is globalizing the curriculum. There is a push to provide international experiences for students. Numbers of traditional students sign up for a semester abroad. But what about working adults enrolled in the university’s undergraduate degree completion program? Is a study abroad experience beyond their reach? This session describes planning and execution of a Special Topics course designed to provide fifteen nontraditional students with a one-week immersion experience in Costa Rica as part of an Intercultural Communication course.

Faculty training: the good, the bad, and the ugly

Name: Mary Bonhomme
Institution: Florida Institute of Technology

Presider: Lisa Graves
Institution: Louisiana State University

This session presents Florida Tech’s experience of developing a faculty training program to teach faculty about the new version of our LMS (Learning Management System). The program incorporated video welcomes from the deans and tutorials on the LMS. Lecturettes on various topics dealing with adult learning were also developed.

Stir up a great marketing mix: the right ingredients make all the difference

Name: Brad Gibbs and Marcelo Parravicini
Institution: PlattForm Higher Education

Presider: Sue Currey
Institution: St. Edward’s University

This interactive presentation will cover best practices for developing a successful, balanced marketing mix, the different types of efficient marketing programs, as well as measuring marketing effectiveness and ROI. In addition, admissions best practices will be discussed and explored. We will also share success stories and discuss challenges unique to continuing education programs. The end of the presentation will allow for Q&A.

MBA Students Teach Business Leaders

Name: Dr. Stan Horner
Institution: St. Edwards University

Presider: Sharon Woodward
Institution: Western Kentucky University

The professional MBA Capstone course at St. Edward’s University requires student teams to work with businesses on a project selected by the organization. The business school paired up with the South Austin Business Council (SABC) of the Austin Chamber of Commerce to let the council offer help from capstone teams to their membership. Students learn how to apply their skills to a real business situation and the organizations learn from the coaching received from the students.

Tuesday, April 19, 2011 – 10:00 – 10:50 a.m. - 4 Sessions

Ethical Decision Making

Name: Dr. Sallie Dunphy
Institution: University of Alabama at Birmingham

Presider: Mary Bonhomme
Institution: Florida Institute of Technology

Educators can celebrate their mission every day when making ethical decisions that impact relationships and service to students and colleagues. You will learn ways to accommodate preferences of stakeholders, identify alternatives, problem solve under pressure, and optimize the correct values in a work situation in this session. Discover the ten core values that can guide you down the right solution path when encountering daily dilemmas. Based on the book written by Dr. Mary Ellen Guy, various scenarios will be discussed and resolved.

Reciprocity, a key to lifelong learning success

Name: Maria Cherjovski
Institution: University of Central Florida

Presider: Nancy Herron
Institution: University of Houston

The purpose of this presentation is to review the mission and purpose of Continuing Education Divisions, the key role they play in local communities, their moral responsibility during times of crises and key strategies for success, mostly derived from strategic partnerships and responsiveness to community and learner’s needs.

Celebrating Partnerships with Community Colleges

Name: Dr. Diana Rust
Institution: Middle Tennessee State University

Presider: Connie Robertson
Institution: University of Kentucky

This presentation celebrates 2 year and 4 year school partnerships. The presenter will discuss the different types of partnerships that exist between Middle Tennessee State University’s University College and community colleges in middle Tennessee. Some of the partnerships that will be discussed include the Degree Advancement Program, Dual Admission, and 2+2 Off-campus Programs. Attendees can evaluate which ones are right for their institution and take away helpful information for implementing these programs at their institution. The presenter will discuss how these programs benefit institutions and students.

From Boots to Books

Name: Dr. Cyndi Porter
Institution: University of the Incarnate Word

Presider: Deborah Joyner
Institution: East Tennessee State University

The University of the Incarnate Word (UIW) is situated in “Military City, U.S.A.," better known as San Antonio, Texas. The city earned its nickname because of the amount of military posts and bases that ring the city. UIW has a long history of serving active duty military members, as well as veterans. We have worked long and hard to make sure we serve those who have sacrificed for us. That includes great tuition rates, deployment friendly courses and the willingness to go the extra mile to make sure that we help our military students and their families. Being a caring and innovative institution means that UIW is constant looking at how to increase access for our students, but also to meet unaddressed needs for all of our students and our community. Analysis has led us to begin four initiatives that will make a difference in San Antonio and in the lives of students around the world that we touch. These include a Center for Veterans Affairs, Project Per-sist! to help students prepare for college, the Institute for Business Development and the UIW Center of Excellence for Veterans Education.

Tuesday, April 19, 2011 – 11:00 – 11:50 a.m. - 4 Sessions

It’s 5:00 somewhere: Celebrating WKU’s Innovative Online Program in Athletic Administration

Name: Randy Deere, Amy Fitzpatrick, and Laura Ricke
Institution: Western Kentucky University

Presider: Lisa O’Neal
Institution: Murray State University

Continuing Education units are often the first to respond to new environmental opportunities. This session will outline WKU’s response to such an opportunity to address a nationwide movement towards a higher level of professional development for those involved in interscholastic athletic administration and coaching.

“Think like Google! Applying Google Business Practices to CE”

Name: Nichole Foerschler
Institution: JMH Consulting

Presider: Slone Canister
Institution: Murray State University

Being “Googley” is not only important to adapt to the market, but it’s critical to survive. Furthermore, being Googley is also not just for tech companies – it’s for continuing education. In his book What Would Google Do?, Jeff Jarvis outlines the guiding principles behind of the one of the fastest growing companies in history. In this presentation we’ll outline some of Jarvis’ rules for working in a Google Era and explore how they can be applied to the continuing education industry.

Expanding the Success of Continuing Education: Using Corporate Partnerships to Increase Enrollment

Name: Dr. Cooper Johnson, Dr. Jamye Long, Marilyn Read
Institution: Delta State University

Presider: Lisa Graves
Institution: Louisiana State University

Continuing higher education departments are constantly seeking to increase their enrollment as a means to serve students wanting more education. This presentation focuses on a unique method of utilizing corporate partnerships as a means to grow enrollment. Organizations demand a highly educated workforce, however their employees struggle to balance educational goals with their personal and professional responsibilities. This presents a profound opportunity for continuing education departments to meet this demand as a means to reach their departmental goals.

Celebrating the Struggle: Creating a New Texas University Consortium

Name: Nancy Herron
Institution: University of Houston

Presider: Janeen Winters
Institution: Murray State University

The development of MITCs is not new to education. The “University Consortium to Serve Northwest Houston” is a departure from the partnerships University of Houston (UH) has encountered. It provides a model for shared governance for a facility in which each partner has discrete space. The four years spent to bring the project to fruition certainly qualify as struggle. Let us share our new experience and learn how others are approaching the expansion of distance learning in their communities.

Wednesday, April 20, 2011 – 8:30 – 9:30 a.m. - 3 Sessions

Vets on Your Campus: Best Practices for Your Campus to Assist Student Veterans to Transition from Active Duty to Successful College Student

Name: Karen R. Wyatt
Institution: University of the Incarnate Word

Presider: Amy Johnson
Institution: East Tennessee State University

The arrival of the 2008 Post 9-11 GI Bill, which is the most comprehensive veterans educational assistance to date, has substantially increased the numbers of veterans and dependents electing to attend college or university. This marked increase of students in turn has necessitated our nation’s educational institutions to be better prepared to meet these students’ unique needs. This session will provide an overview of best practices learned for admission, retention, and successful graduation of student veterans and their families.

Collaborative Partnership Resulting in Program Transformation: Partnership cooperative between the College of Education and the School of Continuing Studies and Academic Outreach

Name: Dr. Deborah Joyner, Dr. Pamela Scott
Institution: East Tennessee State University

Presider: Dwayne Neely
Institution: Western Kentucky University

The process of emergent design, resulting in the transformation of a traditional doctoral program in leadership, has led to fundamental changes in program development, delivery and the opportunity to increase revenue. The need for a new organizational model to meet the needs of non-traditional students required creative thinking and risk. The collaborative partnership between the Office of Cohort Programs and the Educational Leadership Doctoral Program Coordinator has facilitated the change in a fragmented, disjointed doctoral program into a cohesive, dynamic program.

REDI for Action: Celebrating our Mission of Serving the Region with TECH-REDI (Regional Economic Development Institute)

Name: Dr. Susan Elkins, Dr. David Elizandro
Institution: Tennessee Technological University

Presider: Ruth Bettandorff
Institution: University of Georgia

Celebrate the establishment of TECH – REDI (Regional Economic Development Institute) with Tennessee Tech University! This presentation will share how TTU is focusing on its mission to serve the Upper Cumberland region of Tennessee by creating a Regional Economic Development Institute (TECH-REDI). Through greater outreach, engagement, and partnerships with P-16 education, business/industry, and economic development organizations, the institute will impact economic development in the rural, distressed region. TTU is leveraging existing University resources with approximately $1 million of external funding to establish the Institute and launch the effort. Viva FIESTA!!!